Project results

The new NGS tools developed in Patho-NGen-Trace have brought contemporary molecular surveillance to the ultimate level of information by using whole genome data for pathogen tracing and diagnostics. In addition, easy-to-use software solutions have been generated that allow strain identification and classification e.g. using quality controlled nomenclature server and, simultaneously, allow for the extraction of information relevant for clinical microbiology e.g. resistance or virulence determinants.

These advancements will promote improved European disease control measures and a better understanding of virulence and resistance traits of major pathogens. Therefore, the added value for European citizens directly resulting from the project results will be:

(i) more comprehensive detection (and therefore better treatment) of relevant pathogen infection parameters at patient level

(ii) more specific and sensitive early warning microbial outbreak detection at public health level and therefore more effective combating and prevention of pathogen epidemics (esp. multi-resistant ones).

Thus, Patho-NGen-Trace has likely created a significant long lasting "added value" in the European health and bio-industrial research area.