Genoscreen is a leading European commercial service provider in genomics and bioinformatics, as well as a developer and producer of proprietary kits for quality controlled bacterial genotyping. The company employs over 25 people including technicians, engineers, PhDs and senior scientists from the academic world as permanent consultants. Founded in 2001 and based in Lille (France), the company serves industrial, academic and hospital-based customers from over 30 countries over the 5 continents, including world-class or reference institutions such as the US CDC, NIH, RIVM and Paris hospital organisation (APHP).

Main tasks

Development of new sample preparation and analysis processes for NGS and novel NGS-based kits for clinical bacteriology/human pathogens analysis, whole genome sequencing of MTBC, MRSA and CAMPY strains, genome sequence analysis (esp. for MTBC), co-development of specific bio-informatics modules.

Relevant publications

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