Research Center Borstel

The Research Center Borstel, Leibniz Center for Biomedical Research ranks among the top research institutes for Infection Biology in Pulmonary Medicine in Europe. It hosts the German National Reference Center (NRC) for Mycobacteria which is one of the leading diagnostic centres worldwide and one of the 26 WHO Supranational Reference Laboratories (SRL). Basic, translational and clinical research issues in tuberculosis (TB) are addressed by FZB scientists and clinicians from 10 different research divisions. Their sociopolitical and distinguished scientifc mission is to carry out comprehensive health and biomedical research in pneumology, focusing especially on "infectious diseases" and "asthma and allergies", ultimately making important contributions to the development of innovate and more effective therapeutic and preventive regimens in this area.

Main tasks

Project coordination, scientific aspects of software and technology development, NGS parameter definition for MTBC, evaluation of new bioinformatics and sequencing tools

Relevant publications

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Niemann
Head Molecular Mycobacteriology Group

National Reference Center for Mycobacteria
Forschungszentrum Borstel
Parkallee 18
23845 Borstel, Germany

Phone: 0049-4537-1887620
Fax: 0049-4537-1883110


Stefan NiemannStefan Niemann