Associated partners

The consortium will be further strengthened by the inclusion of three associated partners: the industrial partners Life technologies/Ion Torrent (Carlsbad/San Francisco, USA) and OpGen (Gaithersburg, USA) as well as of one associated academic partner João Carriço from the Molecular Microbiology and Infection Unit (IMM) of the University of Lisboa.

The industry partners bring complementary knowledge on newest NGS technologies and access to early NGS product releases to the group. Their main role will be to speed up communication in terms of problems with NGS technologies and to guarantee early access to new products. This will be extremely important e.g. for the development of new protocols for multiplexing and genome sequencing starting from low amounts of DNA, e.g. from crude DNA extracts from early cultures or directly from clinical samples.


IMM - Molecular Microbiology and Infection Unit of the University of Lisboa


Thermo Fisher Scientific